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A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill to prevent President Donald Trump from unilaterally withdrawing from NATO. President Trump has frequently railed against other NATO countries for not paying their "fair share" towards the alliance. And he reportedly discussed pulling out of the group multiple times in the past year. The new bill would require any U.S. president to get approval from two-thirds of the Senate to "suspend, terminate or withdraw the United States from the North Atlantic Treaty." Watch Video
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Pompeo Might Be Considering A Bid For Senate
Several outlets reported that Pompeo was scheduled to meet with a GOP consultant on Sunday to discuss possibly running for one of Kansas' U.S. Senate seats. That seat is currently held by Sen. Pat Roberts. But he's already confirmed he's not going to seek re-election in 2020. An unnamed source told CNN that while Pompeo has not made a decision about running for that open Senate seat, "he is listening" to those trying to encourage him to take a shot — like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Watch Video
Death Toll In Mexico Pipeline Explosion Continues To Increase
At least 85 people have died and dozens more are injured or still missing. Mexico’s state and federal governments say they’ll cover funeral and medical costs. Reports at the scene say many of the victims were severely burned. Health officials are taking DNA samples from relatives in hopes of identifying the dead. The pipeline was only recently reopened after Petroleos Mexicanos, a state-owned oil company, closed it following multiple breaches. Watch Video
Trump Still Deciding What To Do About The 2019 State Of The Union
President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday morning that he's considering changing his plans for the State of the Union speech. The tweet, directed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said: "There are so many options — including doing it as per your written offer ... While a contract is a contract, I'll get back to you soon!" There is no contract between the president and the Speaker of the House regarding the State of the Union. But Pelosi sent a letter to the president last week suggesting he postpone his address or deliver it in writing because of the government shutdown. Watch Video
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

10 am - MLK Day service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta

1:45 pm - MLK Day march and rally in Atlanta

National Hugging Day

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1977: President Jimmy Carter pardons everyone who evaded the draft during the Vietnam War by leaving the country or failing to register.
2017: The day after President Trump's inauguration, over 5 million people attend the Women's March, which became the largest single-day protest in U.S. history.
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